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E-M:/ NCSL Report: Climate Change in Michigan

The National Conference of State Legislators has produced a report on the effect of climate change in Michigan



Climate Change and The Economy: Michigan: Assessing the Costs of Climate Change


The summary -



In the coming decades, a changing climate

could increase economic impacts on Michigan

and the nation. The most recent climate

modeling predicts warmer temperatures and

lower water levels for much of Michigan;

these changes will be more pronounced if

global emissions of greenhouse gases are

not reduced. The state’s shipping and water

resources may be impaired as a result, which

could result in billions of dollars in economic

losses. This report explores how the climate

may affect Michigan’s economy and provides

policymakers and others with insight into

adaptation and mitigation options. Since

state economies are directly linked to the

economies of neighboring states and regions,

policymakers may wish to consider both state

and regional policies.





Anne M. Woiwode, State Director

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"The idea of shifting to a carbon-free society appears to be technically feasible. The question is whether it's politically feasible or economically feasible."

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