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E-M:/ RE: / U.S. lawyer warns water pact will deplete Great Lakes

  The Michigan DNR and MUCC's total support for Nestle Co shows they no longer support the 'no-kill' regulations in prime trout waters as long as dead trout support their Nestle cohort big profits.  However, a sportsperson flyfishing will still receive a fine as a violator for killing any trout within the 'no-kill' trout waters to consume the spring water within the meat of dead trout.  
  The MUCC brass claimed "they had to support" the big powerful Agriculture lobby and not protect the 'public trust' ground waters.  MUCC did 'NOT' have to support the Agriculture lobby, but that may help certain MUCC individuals gain some prime farm deer and pheasant hunting access.    To add further insult MUCC then made sure their latest bottle deposit promotion was carefully worded to not include any of Nestle's larger Great Lakes water diversion containers.
  MUCC is taking their marching orders from the right-wing Republican party to privatize the Great Lakes.
  MUCC members that cared about protecting the 'public trust' were put down and silenced.

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