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E-M:/ Survey Request

Through my website (www.greatlakescountry.com), I am conducting a survey of the top 10 issues for the Great Lakes watershed.  All submissions will be kept anonymous, and full results will be published in August.  You can go to this page to submit your own response (http://www.greatlakescountry.com/297512.html), or you can email me directly at dwendt@greatlakescountry.com.  If you want to submit a response anonymously, you can do that through the website. 

Here is the introduction from the website:

We are conducting a survey of readers about the top issues in the Great Lakes Country - the watershed of the Great Lakes.  I do not want to put any limitations on this inquiry.  We are looking for positive developments; negative developments; acts or omissions; environmental regulation, economic development, or something completely different; issues that are traditionally seen as environmental issues, and those that may not be.  We have an impressive cast of readers ranging from many walks of life and many perspectives on issues affecting the Great Lakes Country, and so I do not want to limit the scope of this project. Please provide your input, and at the end of July, I will prepare a summary of the responses we receive.  At this point, I am hoping to compare the responses of all people with the responses of journalists who cover the Great Lakes on a regular basis to see if any interesting differences emerge.  All input will be kept anonymous.  In other words, no responses will be attributed to specific people, and I won't list all the participants.  Only responses will be released.

So far, invasive species are the top issue, with climate change, water diversions and water levels all in the top 5.  After that, there is a lot of diverse answers. 

Daniel Wendt