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E-M:/ Jean Klock Park Conversion Approved by NPS

Hi All,

You might not have heard that the National Park Service has approved the conversion of Jean Klock Park for the Harbor Shores Golf Course. There were so many rules bent, broken and ignored in this process that it really makes a mockery of the Land and Water Conservation Fund protections, and it puts all LWCF protected parks at risk! Further, it demonstrates either that neither the state nor the National Park Service took their responsibilities seriously, or that they were bent to the political will of the Harbor Shores/Whirlpool/Upton family alliance.



The fight is not finished. Because of all the bent, broken, and ignored rules, as well as the legal agreements that the City of Benton Harbor entered into last time they bent, broke, and ignored the rules, there is room to fight. Please do what you can to support those who are fighting to save Jean Klock Park.

Best Regards,

Christopher Reader