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E-M:/ Green Power: Legislature Doesn't Get It; Rep. Law Does; Local Food

Title: Green Power: Legislature Doesn't Get It; Rep. Law Does; Local Food
Dear friend,

We’ve got two news articles about greening Michigan’s power supply, and two blogs about local food.

First, Glenn Puit analyzes why green energy reforms are stalled. Glenn outlines the gap between weak House mandates and “useless” Senate ones, although both contain what the utilities most care about—cutting customer choice to guarantee ratepayer funding of new coal and nuclear power plants:
Different Shade of Green Stalls Energy Reform

And we interview Rep. Kathleen Law about the bill she’s pushing that would offer homeowners and businesses a chance to make money on green energy:
Rep. Law: Let’s Turn Green to Gold

A reminder: Both articles link to the the petition urging the governor to regulate CO2 emissions from proposed new coal plants. Hope you’ll sign it!

And our Entrepreneurial Agriculture director, Patty Cantrell, introduces video highlights of a talk by Diana Endicott. Diana explains how the large co-op she directs sold $10 million in local foods last year.
KC Food Pioneer: Yes, You Can!

Patty also pulls our coats to a slightly humorous but serious proposal:
All the Way to the White House Lawn!

Thanks for clicking in on us today! Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Jim Dulzo, managing editor, Michigan Land Use Institute