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E-M:/ Permits Issued for Vreba-Hoff Dairies

Is this a honest effort permit or another coverup?
August 1, 2008   

Contact:  Robert McCann (517) 241-7397

Permits Issued for Vreba-Hoff Dairies

The Department of Environmental Quality announced today that it has issued permits for the Vreba-Hoff I & II dairies located in Lenawee and Hillsdale counties.  The permits set specific discharge limits that will ensure the farms’ operations will not jeopardize the area’s water quality.

The department is currently involved in litigation against the Vreba-Hoff dairies for continued violations of Michigan’s environmental laws.  The permits issued today clearly define the standards that Vreba-Hoff must meet, and provide the DEQ with additional legal means to compel Vreba-Hoff to comply with Michigan’s water protection laws.

The department's decision follows a period of extensive review by the DEQ of public comments and supporting information to determine whether the permit met the standards contained within federal and state

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