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E-M:/ CAFO waste all over the place

Reports of CAFO emissions have been coming in almost every day to the ECCSCM Stench Alert page -- neighbors with horror stories of putrid smells, respiratory problems, days of air so bad they can't go outside.  It's been dry, hot and humid these last two weeks.  CAFOs are dumping waste all over the place.  

For neighbors, it's more than a nuisance, it's a health risk. But the Health Dept does nothing, DEQ does nothing, MDA does nothing.  These are "acceptable" agricultural practices for untreated liquid waste -- dumping, spraying from tankers, pivot-spraying, travel "irrigation"-spraying. 

Emissions drift many miles, aerosolized.  People downwind have no choice -- they breathe the waste into their lungs, it's in the air.   Ammonia will precipitate out at some point, polluting streams.  

With no legislative action, maybe it's time for a ballot issue? -- a Moratorium on new and expanding CAFOs?  What do we need to do?
Janet Kauffman
Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan

(from  latest Stench Alerts)

Aug 5 - "Putrid, nauseating" emissions drifting over US-127 from Vreba-Hoff liquid waste irrigation booms in fields south and north of the facility. Also, voters in Hudson Twp had to breathe foul emissions at the Grange Hall voting station, stench from Hartland Farms waste-dumping on Dowling Hwy -- still dumping (since July 31).

Aug 4 - "Had to shut the windows, stop the breeze, which wasn't breathable. Awful pollution coming into the house," a resident reports from Hudson Twp near Dowling and M-34. Emissions from Hartland Farms waste on Dowling, from Vreba-Hoff at Posey Lake & Lawrence Rds. Also Vreba-Hoff waste application across from the US-127 facility. Marvin Farms is pivot-irrigating waste -- just rained this morning, more rain predicted tonight. Near Morenci, west of M-156 on Ridgeville, State Line has been hauling hog waste for a week, neighbors report, still hauling today -- "unbearable" stench, emissions. 

Aug 2 - emissions continue along Beecher Rd east of Hughes from Hartland Farms liquid waste. 

July 31 - Stench alerts from Ohio to Michigan today as many CAFOs haul liquid manure to cut wheat and hay fields. Severe pollution with the heat, dust, aerosolized waste, particulates. No incorporation of waste is required on hay fields -- the mess will sit there and pollute the air, harm residents' health for days. Hartland Farms is hauling on cut hay along Beecher Rd east of Hughes; one resident must stay indoors, in air conditioning, with oxygen. Lenawee Health Dept. has been notified. Hartland Farms is also hauling tanker after tanker to cut wheat field on Dowling Hwy near M-34. Vreba-Hoff is knifing in liquid waste at US-127 and Beecher, a new application field, upslope from St. Joseph Creek, a tributary of Bean Creek, where several native mussel species of "special concern" have been documented. Chesterfield Dairy is "dumping again today" in Michigan, on cut wheat field on Mulberry between Morse and Lyons Hwys. A resident on Sand Creek Hwy reports pathetic corn crop in a field where "Chesterfield Dairy dumped tremendous amounts of waste" [see May 22 entry below]. The corn in said field pales in comparison to a field of corn planted without Chesterfield's waste. It's stunted in height, irregular throughout its 100+ acres, some stalks show little or no corn husks. I've never seen a poorer corn crop. I'm not any kind of expert but I saw how much "fertilizer" they applied and my conclusion is that it was far too much, burning the soil. I don't know who, if anyone can use this info to highlight the fact that this is pure waste disposal and not farming."