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E-M:/ Critics say McCain nuke plan is economic poison

Following a very visible visit by presidential candidate John McCain to promote the building of Fermi 3 at Monroe, Michigan, here is an article with insightful critique of the economics and environmental wisdom of building yet another nuclear plant on the Great Lakes. -Kay Cumbow

Critics say McCain nuke plan is economic poison

By Eartha Jane Melzer 8/6/08 8:01 PM

Taxpayers must underwrite construction; plants are slow to come online

Snip: "The nuclear power expansion suggested by Sen. John McCain is likely to cost taxpayers dearly and delay real progress by diverting the money needed for better sustainable energy projects, critics say."

Snip: ?When you start taking about building new nuclear you are draining the capacity that the government has to develop other energy such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass,?  [Amy] Sauer, [policy associate with the Environmental and Energy Study Institute] told Michigan Messenger. She added that these other projects are less expensive and quicker to construct.

Snip: Sen. Barack Obama has stated that he will support new nuclear development only when the security of nuclear fuel and waste and waste storage have been addressed.