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E-M:/ Define eco-terorrist

The well connect developers and industry polluters use their Republican politicians to rewrite and gut environmental protection laws (Washington & Lansing), harass local governments and watersheds trying to protect the environment (Acme Twp, Nestle), and then split the outdoor sports network against each other (hunters/fishers/hikers and others), and finally use their Internet blogs to brand all environmentalist protecting environment as some form of eco-terrorist!
Isn't the environment being terrorized and destroyed by the developers and polluters acting as eco-terrorist?  The Republicans are always rewriting definitions.  To be fair&balanced, crimes have been committed by the ELF and ALF should not be associated with all the organizations trying to protect the public trust and environment legally.
Question:  Define eco-terrorist. 
Is a eco-terorrist an anti-environmentalist or pro-environmentalist?
The anti-DNR/DEQ anti-environmental sportsmen for Bush network is always active.

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