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Re: E-M:/ Define eco-terorrist

To me, an eco-terrorist, or any terrorist for that matter, must be someone or some entity that causes actual terror.  While someone who sabotages a bulldozer that is being used to fill a wetland may be, by definition, a criminal, that person is not a terrorist, because no one lives in abject fear that they will find sugar in their fuel tank.  People who spike trees to try to prevent the harvesting of old-growth timber, on the other hand, are a borderline case, because sawyers or sawmill workers might end up living in fear of possible injuries or death while cutting trees.

The term terrorist seems to be defined by who does the terrorizing.  If I were to shoot blank rounds in the direction of military vehicles on American highway, our government would define me as a terrorist, as perhaps it should.

However, if American jets in Iraq strafe potential militant targets, and nearby civilians live in constant fear of being blown to smithereens, the folks operating those U.S. planes are not defined as terrorists, except perhaps by the civilians and militants at risk.

It seems that our country wants to say that nothing our government does, from the feds on down, can be called terrorism.


On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 11:44 AM, <HAMILTREEF@aol.com> wrote:
The well connect developers and industry polluters use their Republican politicians to rewrite and gut environmental protection laws (Washington & Lansing), harass local governments and watersheds trying to protect the environment (Acme Twp, Nestle), and then split the outdoor sports network against each other (hunters/fishers/hikers and others), and finally use their Internet blogs to brand all environmentalist protecting environment as some form of eco-terrorist!
Isn't the environment being terrorized and destroyed by the developers and polluters acting as eco-terrorist?  The Republicans are always rewriting definitions.  To be fair&balanced, crimes have been committed by the ELF and ALF should not be associated with all the organizations trying to protect the public trust and environment legally.
Question:  Define eco-terrorist. 
Is a eco-terorrist an anti-environmentalist or pro-environmentalist?
The anti-DNR/DEQ anti-environmental sportsmen for Bush network is always active.

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