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E-M:/ Meeting tonight on DTE's proposed Fermi 3

Note there is an open house beginning at 6pm and a public meeting from 7pm to 9:30 pm. -Kay

"Want to know about DTE's plans for new nuclear plant? Go to a meeting"
Monroe Evening News, Monroe Michigan
last modified August 19. 2008 11:31AM
Snip: "DTE Energy's tentative plans to build a new nuclear power plant near its Fermi 2 facility will be the subject of a public meeting Wednesday night in the Meyer Theater at the La-Z-Boy Center [1555 S. Raisinville Rd.] of Monroe County Community College."

Snip: "The utility has plans for a 1,560-megawatt plant - an advanced General Electric design that the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has yet to certify as acceptable. Construction would start by 2014 with completion before 2021."  [emphasis mine- Kay]

Snip: "Supporters of the idea say it would meet future electrical demand and provide new jobs and tax base for the community. Opponents suggest that the design is untried, would generate nuclear waste that would be dangerous for ages and would drive up electric rates."