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E-M:/ Judge denies lawsuit filed against Harbor Shores developers

From the article:

"Howard read from the signed deed, "It's not so much a gift from my wife or myself, it is a gift from a child. See to it that it is the children's park."

After two hours of discussion, Judge Scott Schofield sided with proponents of the Harbor Shores project.

Schofield says, "The people of Benton Harbor, as limited by the plain language of the deed in the judgment, decide what kind of park to use, passive or active, historic or brand new, is appropriate for their park. A golf course is a park purpose.""

After 2 hours, the judge took a 15 minute break and then returned with a 40 page ruling against the citizens who won a consent decree that no more of Jean Klock Park would be developed. This indicates that none of the arguments of the citizen's lawyers were taken into account. Another, incredible, miscarriage of justice in Benton Harbor.

Christopher Reader