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E-M:/ Cladophora ... in Lake Ontario

Here is a well-done article (and more) about the rise of the muck (cladophora) in Lake Ontario.  Of particular note to Michiganians, it says some research is due out this winter about the causes, which may bear some relevance to the causes of the muck in Saginaw Bay and other areas. 

Lake Ontario coastal water under siege

Steve Orr • Staff writer • August 24, 2008

After the Great Lakes cleanup of the 1970s, pollution levels plummeted, fish began to thrive and algae receded to a minor annoyance.

But three decades after that massive, multibillion-dollar cleanup, the waters of four of the five Great Lakes are once again plagued by smelly, slimy algae.

Lake Ontario's shoreline has become distinctly murky. Some describe it as a bathtub with a dirty ring around it.

The stringy green algae known as cladophora is once again washing up on shore — fouling boat propellers, shutting down an upstate nuclear power plant and closing beaches.

Cladophora-related closures at Rochester's Ontario Beach have increased fourfold in recent years. .....


Daniel Wendt