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E-M:/ Looking for the top-notch leaders in the environmental field to fill jobs or internships? Sign up for eRecruiter!

The University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment invites you to post jobs/internships to our graduate students and alumni.  We encourage you to register on eRecruiter today (IT'S FREE)!


Why sign up for this service?

-          You will have access to over 400 current graduate students and alumni on the system and it's FREE!

-          You can download resume books (customized to your search criteria).

-          You can post jobs directly (24 hours a day) and track student views of your job postings and applications.

-          Students can view your employer profile and find out important information about your organization.

-          You can volunteer as a Professional Network member to help answer career questions from our students and alums.  Just click on "Account" tab and then "Professional Network" tab.

-          You can sign up for an on-campus visit (info session, interviews, etc.) on-line!


Please follow these 3 simple steps to register:

1.       Go to: http://erecruiter.snre.umich.edu (Please use Mozilla Firefox)

2.       Click on “Employers”

3.       Register                                                                                                                                                                                 

  **If you are ready to post a job/internship you can: a) Register and post a local job (to SNRE students and alums) for FREE or b) Register and post to multiple schools (small fee).


If you have any questions about the eRecruiter system, please don't hesitate to contact us at:





Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, SNRE Coordinator of Student Career Services and

Kim LeClair, SNRE Student Services Specialist