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E-M:/ Abel for Prosecuting Attorney?

In an unusual turn of events, I now find myself Green Party candidate for Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney.

I had planned to run for another office (Register of Deeds - which has an unopposed incumbent) but was pressed into service.

One major issue is the incumbent prosecutor's failure to sufficiently prosecute police misconduct and killings of civilians by police.

Another major issue is the perjury and other crimes committed by "law enforcement" in the pursuit of the "war on drugs"

A Green prosecutor would be a horse of a different color, so to speak.

WIth less emphasis on moralistic and victimless crimes, and more emphasis on programs for violence reduction and environmental protection.

Here is my request:  please let me know how the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney might use that office to better work for a cleaner environment.

Thank you.


Matthew R. Abel  P38876
Attorney at Law
450 W. Fort Street, Suite 200
Detroit, Michigan  48226

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