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Critics: Great Lakes Compact loophole allows bottled water

August 29, 2008



Work on the compact intensified after public outrage in 1998 when a Canadian company wanted to sell in Asia the equivalent of 50 tankers per year of Lake Superior water.

"Here we are, 10 years after, with a compact that will allow diversion of water. It significantly limits pipelines and tanker trucks and freighters full of water ... (but) they're allowed to leave the Great Lakes with containers full of water," said Dave Dempsey, spokesman for Conservation Minnesota. "The Great Lakes don't know the difference."

Kucinich, Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., and some environmentalists want Congress to close the loopholes by adding language and clarifying that the lakes are public property and not for private profit. That could be done without sending the compact back to the states, said Jim Olson, an environmental law attorney.


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