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E-M:/ Letter to the editor on Jean Klock Park

Enviro-Mich message from LuAnne Kozma <luanne_kozma@yahoo.com>

The Benton Harbor/St Joseph newspaper, the Herald Palladium, for a long time was not available online until recently. You can now follow the Jean Klock Park controversy in their newspaper at:


On Friday, one of the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit had a great letter to the editor published, which I've quoted from briefly below. "Dr." Marcus Robinson, the Harbor Shores trustee referred to in the letter, is the same guy outed on EnviroMich a year or so ago. He's a certified hypnotherapist, hired in by some the the alphabet-soup front groups for Whirlpool to be the "voice" of the community.

Governor Granholm, Marcus Robinson, and Jack Nicklaus are photographed together on the front pages of the local newspapers when the governor came into town to "applaud" the National Park Service decision.


The Governor. The Hypnotist. And the golf course designer.

--LuAnne Kozma

Harbor Shores’ Plan B is best option for all 


The only real difference between Harbor Shores’ Plan A, which involves the taking of irreplaceable and invaluable public land, and Plan B, which does not, is that Plan B is infinitely better for everyone, including the investors.

Plan B offers two major attractions to draw people to this area, instead of only one. Nature, dunes and wildlife have all but disappeared along the lake, and, unlike golf courses which are overly abundant, appeal to almost everyone. If the golf course fails, and it will, the park will still be there attracting investment and economic growth for all, not just the very rich. Marcus Robinson says that if the course fails, it will revert back to the city, but even so, the land will be irretrievably altered and once again subject to the City Commission, which thus far has shown little interest in protecting it.

One of the great myths is that no one uses Jean Klock Park. ...

Another myth is that if you are against the taking of the park, you are against Harbor Shores and the renewal of Benton Harbor. Many of those who have been fighting to save the park have invested signifi­cantly in downtown Benton Harbor, particularly in the Arts District.

[snip again]...

Harbor Shores should admit that there is a way for everyone to be satisfied. If it’s leaders had told the truth and followed the law in the first place, there would be no need for lawsuits.

Scott Elliott 
Benton Harbor

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