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Re: E-M:/ My source in Alaska

Enviro-Mich message from mckennab@umd.umich.edu

Palin: authoritarian, book censor-er, loyalty-oath inducer, and environmental health threat. . .as described in today's Michigan Messenger:

"If a small-town mayor ever ruled with an iron fist — it was Palin. Eleven days after taking office in 1996, she mailed letters to each of the city’s top managers requesting that they resign as a test of loyalty.

The Anchorage Daily News at the time reported the strange events: (via Nexis)

Mayor Sarah Palin sent the resignation requests Thursday to Police Chief Irl Stambaugh, public works [environmental health] director Jack Felton, finance director Duane Dvorak and Mary Ellen Emmons, the head of libraries. A fifth director — John Cooper, who oversaw the city museum — resigned earlier this month after Palin eliminated his position"


Quoting MICHDAVE@aol.com:

Defenders of Wildlife have a comprehensive page on Sarah Palin including a
letter signed by dozens of scientists encouraging her to apply science based
wildlife management to the state's policy decision. Apparently she supports
aerial shooting of wolves. Running them to exhaustion.... then shooting them.

Snip from one of the links:

In the latest battle against wildlife in Alaska, Gov. Sarah Palin proposed a
new bill that would make it even easier to kill wolves and bears.
Palin’s proposal would eliminate the requirement that a game-management plan
be in place prior to beginning an aerial predator-control program that tracks
and shoots wolves and bears from airplanes. The bill would leave all
decisions about public hunting with airplanes to the discretion of the Board of Game—
not to wildlife managers who would apply scientific standards to ensure
there is no long-term harm to the ecosystem.
“Rather than addressing the terrible policies of the Murkowski
administration, which ignored Alaskan voters who twice passed ballot measures to halt the
barbaric practice of aerial gunning, Gov. Palin’s legislation would pave the
way for the Alaska Board of Game to greatly expand the deadly control
programs,” says Tom Banks, Defenders’ Alaska associate

_http://www.defenders.org/meta_content/search_results/main_search_results.php? q=Palin_ (http://www.defenders.org/meta_content/search_results/main_search_results.php?q=Palin)

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