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E-M:/ Clean Water Action to Sarah Palin: You Picked On The Wrong Group

A Blog by John DeCock, President of Clean Water Action

The Right Is Wrong on Community Organizers

“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer - except that you have actual responsibilities”. - Sarah Palin, September 3, 2008.

At the Republican National Convention, the radical right wing asserted their primacy over their Party. They sent many shots across the bow to let any remaining moderates who might be cowering in the hold know that it is time to join in the pillaging or be made to walk the plank.

They made it clear that only Rovian, Bush-speak, radical messages will ring from the podium to rally the crowd, except for those focus group tested bits of rhetorical mendacity meant to create the illusion that they will protect the environment, reduce gas prices and watch out for the little guy.

Among the more gratuitous assaults were the attacks on community organizers by Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin. These remarks were a clear attack on Senator Obama’s roots as a community organizer. I think they picked the wrong group to attack. It’s like standing in the wilderness in Yellowstone National Park, smeared with bacon grease while poking at the bears with a stick. In short, an ill-considered strategy.

Community Organizers. Like Ben Franklin? Like John Adams? Like Mahatma Gandhi? Like Martin Luther King, Jr.? Like Cesar Chavez? You mean the people who go from door to door, person to person, and engage in discussion with members of their communities to make this a better world? You mean people who care enough to make a difference? While it may be true that voluntarily taking on the responsibility to live your values and care for your community may pale in comparison to reviewing parking meter ordinances, I think a little more respect may be called for.


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