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Re: E-M:/ the word environment

We did hear about the "the boy whose descendents arrived on the Mayflower," but that's another matter.  Here are some excerpts. 


"We believe in rewarding hard work and risk-takers and letting people keep the fruits of their labor."  Could this could be read to mean that the Republicans believe in rewarding the shipping industry, which is more than content to take the risk that the next ship heading up the St Lawrence river has a new invasive species? 


"I will cut government spending. He will increase it."  Presumably this would include less money for cleaning up Great Lakes' AOCs and improving sewer infrastructure from the Feds, but I don't know if McCain has spoken to this issue. 


"We will drill new wells off-shore, and we'll drill them now. We'll drill them now.  We'll -- we'll -- my friends, we'll build more nuclear power plants."  This was a clear environmental statement. 


"We must use all resources and develop all technologies necessary to rescue our economy from the damage caused by rising oil prices and restore the health of our planet."  So he does mention restoring the health of the planet, while at the same time mentioning the use of "all resources." 


"Enlist in our Armed Forces. Become a teacher. Enter the ministry. Run for public office. Feed a hungry child. Teach an -- an illiterate adult to read. Comfort the afflicted. Defend the rights of the oppressed."  But don't become a community organizer for environmental issues? 

Obama did mention that part of the American promise is that the government is committed to providing citizens with clean water.  Otherwise, I don't recollect any other parts that were specifically environmental. 

Daniel Wendt


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Global what? Don't you mean Country First? :)

Janet Kauffman wrote:
> Did anyone hear the word /environment/ in any political speeches this
> week?  Habitat (ours, our country's, moose & all critters')
> protection? Resource conservation?
> With Ike at the door, not one mention of global warming?

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