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Re: E-M:/ the word environment

I know this is not the point of the thread, but I have bad news.
The "environment" is so badly overused as a word it's conflicting with religion. To some, "the environment" is becoming as important in media as "God" and they don't like the competition for their faith. If people can't see "God" they still believe, but if they can't see "the environment" they don't feel the same loyalty.
"Prius, the environmentally friendly car from Toyota". It's neither environmentally friendly, just "less polluting" nor is that a good reason to buy it - it slaps people in the face who would otherwise be interested in buying the car to SAVE GAS which saves money and avoids pollution. But of course, environmental marketing has been preaching to the choir and when heard by the non-believers, it just sounds like a new liberal God competing with Christianity.
Not that I'm in support of Republicans, but we gotta rework that "environmental" thing in a big way - every message should have a money saving benefit, be it direct or indirect tax savings if government has to spend less importing oil for example. Or recycling sales saving on trash collection.
There's financial proof that destroying fish, lakes, ground water, the ground itself also has costs and that being clean costs less. Market that, not just the sorrow, guilt and sympathy of the damage. I know all of you work hard to communicate all of the above, but for some reason it's just not getting across - websites don't exclaim the dollar savings of being "environmentally friendly". They just have text of the actions and pictures.
We are EXCLUDING Republicans from participating in the solution with errant marketing. Why do we keep talking to ourselves? We alrealy believe. The "rest" of the public needs to be spoken with on their terms.
I've probably written about this before, but Lord have mercy....every time I see that word....
Mike Cohn

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 6:12 AM, Janet Kauffman <jkauffman@emich.edu> wrote:
Did anyone hear the word environment in any political speeches this week?  Habitat (ours, our country's, moose & all critters') protection? Resource conservation? 

With Ike at the door, not one mention of global warming?