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Re: E-M:/ EPA Dow Documents

Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu>

What we saw in the EPA is fairly typical of what is going on in most (if not all) federal agencies, i.e., installment of underqualified (if not unqualified) ideologues for the purposes of reward and ideological control.

So, the question is: Would McCain be able or willing to remove these people if he became president? I do not think he would or could.

Despite the claims at the GOP Convention, the old maverik McCain seems to have died after he was "swift boated" by the Bush-Rove team. Thereafter, he started to court and become indebted to the crowd that wants the services of these ideologues. Indeed, 80% of the convention delegates (who also wrote his platform) are strong Bush supporters, and he will also depend/has depended on them for monetary support. This certainly is not a basis/mandate for change. In the case of environmental issues, it seems clear that McCain does not understand them. It seems that those political reps who care about the environment (forms of harm to our fellow citizens) also do not value social concerns (other than the standard so-called "values" issues). Increasingly, it seems that they also do not understand economic issues beyond the benefits of their already rich benefactors.

Advertising seems to be able to convince most people that "black is white" and vice versa. Or, at least, bury the issues in confusion. I hope that the voters can see past all the advertisements to the simple facts of the main issues. Most of the incumbent Republicans, including McCain, do not have good records.

The League of Conservation Voters can help.

--On Tuesday, September 02, 2008 8:01 PM -0400 MICHDAVE@aol.com wrote:

CREW, Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington has posted thousands
of pages of EPA documents pertaining to Dow Chemical?s dioxin
contamination in the Saginaw Bay  watershed. The documents were in
response to a Freedom of Information request CREW filed with EPA when
Mary Gade, Regional Administrator at Region V was terminated by Steven
Johnson the head of EPA because she was holding the chemical giant
accountable?refusing to play their game and running interference with
their persistent end run to EPA headquarters to garner favor--- ( read
the documents). No doubt in my mind that Mary Gade had to go?she was
interfering with Dow?s plans which you can bet are still being
pursued--behind closed doors.

Not holding our much hope for hearings on Gade's termination because of
the election, national fatigue with this administrations malfeasance and
Administrator Johnson hiding behind the cloak of executive privilege.

Lone Tree Council recently received FOIA documents too. The folks at CREW
were kind enough to offer us space on their site. We hope to get
documents to them by weeks end. Please visit CREWS site and stay tuned.



Michelle Hurd Riddick Lone Tree Council 2421 Kipling Saginaw, MI 48602 989-7993313 michdave@aol.com

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