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E-M:/ Lakehugger shirts

As some of you know, I run a website and blogs that - like others - are designed to increase the spread of information across the Great Lakes watershed and foster a bond between all of us that love the Great Lakes.  I also hope to start putting some original content on these sites, and my first attempt at that was to release the results of the survey to which many of you contributed.  But I have a lot of other ideas, even if I have limited time to do this given my day job etc. 


My point today is to make a final call for any of you who would like to purchase a Lakehugger shirt. 


The idea behind this shirt is to contribute to the development of a Great Lakes-specific environmental movement, which appears to be growing every day.  Personally, when I think of treehuggers, I think of those people living in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest who have opposed logging efforts across that region.  So I came up with the Lakehugger shirt, hoping that when people see this, they will (down the road) think about the people who took a stand to protect the Great Lakes.  I can't wait to wear my shirt and to tell people what it means.  It is made from 100% organic cotton, and it is with natural fiber (not bleached). 


Now, I am uneasy trying to sell something on this listserve, and I will stop making posts if I get negative feedback.  I am not running my sites as a non-profit, but I am not making any profit (far from it).  (That's not why I do it, regardless.)  The cost of the shirts covers the cost of the shirts, shipping them out, and paying for the ability to take credit cards.  If somehow I end up making any profit (regardless of how unlikely it is), I promise it to donate it to a group defending the Great Lakes (e.g., Sierra Club of Michigan).  To give you a sense of the scale, I have less than 10 orders now, and just wanted to give anyone else who may like a shirt the chance to get one (as I don't want to get any that are not pre-ordered).  In short, I don't think of this as a commercial solicitation.  Instead, I think of this as invitation to others to make a statement about the importance of the Great Lakes watershed. 


If you do want to get a shirt, please make an order by Wednesday, September 10th. 


Thanks for you patience, Dan

Daniel Wendt