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E-M:/ Letter to editor

On the 20th of August I noted in an email to Enviro-Mich that I had submitted a Letter to The Editor of The Alpena News on Lafarge (The Steward of Our Environment and # 1 emitter of mercury in the state) continuing to burn plastic, non halogenated chlorine free as they say, from a permitted trial burn. They have refused to sign the proposed MDEQ permit to burn it and are burning it, as the MDEQ has told us, at THEIR own risk.  Since April they have continued to burn, as we have been told, the six month supply that was available. That is about 5 months with no oversight as I mentioned Gaylord District office of the MDEQ was unaware that Lafarge was burning the plastic and they are responsible for enforcement. In another month it could be gone.
I have not received any reason why my letter has not been published other than hearing from a source that The News wanted to talk to someone in the MDEQ, who is on vacation, to substantiate my letter. In 19 years as a member and director of HEAL I have never submitted a letter that could not be substantiated. I did mention to watch and see how long it takes for it to be printed and what I predicted has happened. As we have heard it is not fair to take cheap shots at Lafarge.
Bill Freese, Director
Huron Environmental Activist League