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E-M:/ reverse discrimination against "environmentalists"

Poseurs, step aside.
Your soviet bread-line "no car" policies, stick-on dreadlocks, "transit only" single mindedness, guilt & martyrdom inspired poverty-chic aesthetic and authenticity-damaged, patouli-assisted body odor have EXCLUDED the rest of the population from participating in environmentalism for long enough.
You are no longer allowed to misrepresent and hamper the movement.
Thanks to screaming ridiculousness from left wing protests and consistently calm assertion of bad solutions from the right, we now have a middle population that has been successfully dazed and confused into thinking nuke-n-drill is the only way.
Now for the good news.
Here's the ultimate environmentalist with the proof that sustainable auto manufacturing in Michigan can save oil, save lives, save dollars, avoid pollution, create jobs locally and be CHEAP to do.
Mike Cohn
ps - please forward to believers, non-believers and especially that really big group in the "middle".