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E-M:/ Detroit & A2 Eco Center - recycling realities vs incineration

I didn't know this. I wonder how many others don't know either -

...It's from the page that immediately follows the linked survey at the bottom...

Q1: Trash & Recycling -
The cost of landfilling trash in Michigan is artificially low. This attracts trash from 15 other states and Canada and discourages recycling resulting in the destruction of valuable materials. Michigan's landfilling rate is so low in part because all other Great Lakes states have high dumping charges - typically several dollars compared to just 21 cents in Michigan. Pennsylvania charges $7.25/ton, invests that money in environmental projects and has seen trash imports decline. Legislation in Michigan would charge $7.50/ton and return at least 80% of collected funds to local governments to boost recycling programs. The $7.50/ton dumping charge could result in an average cost per household of up to $10/year, which is far cheaper than any subscription recycling program.

....which is followed by:


...which has more great info and videos on the realities of recycling vs incineration in Michigan.


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