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E-M:/ affordable housing LEED petition

Interesting petition. And it makes sense: saved energy = saved money = avoided pollution....

....The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED green building standard is the top program in the country - and one that should be applied to all construction for the health of our planet.

Already, 44 states have adopted some form of regulation requiring government-funded buildings to be built according to LEED standards. But these policies can go farther. Seattle's Traugott Terrace - was the nation's first LEED certified affordable housing. Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development recently instituted a requirement that all affordable housing must meet Energy Star and LEED silver standards.

It's time to make saving the environment a national priority for all state-funded affordable housing projects! Urge your state's governor to develop a regulation requiring affordable housing projects to meet green building standards.

There's barely any signatures from Michigan on this one.

It would be nice to show lawmakers that we ARE watching.