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E-M:/ USA Today: Utilities shrink the role of coal on global-warming worries

Michigan continues to wallow in the dark ages as even USA TODAY reports on the move AWAY from coal plants: 




Utilities shrink the role of coal on global-warming worries


By Paul Davidson, USA TODAY

The power industry is stepping up its shift away from coal-fired electricity amid global-warming concerns, as some utilities shut down generators early or terminate contracts to buy coal-based energy.

So far, the trend involves just a handful of utilities that are generally closing older, smaller plants. Coal still generates half of U.S. electricity and about 30 new coal plants are under construction, the most in a generation.

Yet the new initiatives signal that a growing number of utilities are studying ways to shrink coal's role in their power mix as they face state mandates to reduce carbon emissions or increase renewable energy. Coal is the No. 1 CO2 producer, and eventual U.S. carbon caps are expected.




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Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

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