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E-M:/ Dumpster cache yields eco-terror prosecutions

REDFORD TOWNSHIP — A business owner checking a Dumpster for scrap cardboard was alarmed by something else: gas masks, maps, an M-80 explosive, arson photos and anti-government writings.
Details on the trash and other evidence against two key figures are in search warrants in federal court in western Michigan. The warrants and affidavits are sealed, but they've landed on the Internet, offering a look at how the FBI closed in on Frank Ambrose and Marie Mason.
That same year, someone tried to set a fire at a pump station owned by Ice Mountain, a water bottler, in Michigan's Mecosta County. A grand jury demanded fingerprints and DNA from Mason and Ambrose, but again no charges followed.

Mason, 46, recently pleaded guilty to the campus arson and also admitted to the same list of acts with one addition, the attempted arson at Ice Mountain, something she had long publicly denied.

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