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E-M:/ Consumers studying wind energy options in Mason County

Many discussions of possible wind generation in Mason County inevitably include someone asking why towers aren’t erected on the high bluff that houses the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant.

Marvin said he was not prepared to discuss specific properties for competitive reasons, but he said the plant is vital to Consumers’ wind energy plans.

“The pumped storage plant plays a very strong role in our ability to provide a stable transmission system and grid system in the future when wind becomes an integral part of Michigan’s energy supply,” Marvin said.

“Typically the best wind is at night, which is when we are pumping water from Lake Michigan into the holding pond.”

Which means while the pumped storage plant is being filled or “charged” like a giant battery, wind turbines will be generating to help power the pumps.


Also: Wind Energy public meetings Tuesday, Wednesday

Tuesday 4-7 p.m. Ludington Ramada Inn

Wednesday 4-7 p.m. Manistee Days Inn


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