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E-M:/ RE: E/M home windmills (wind turbines)

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Near Grand Rapids airport, next door to my work, they are manufacturing and marketing a home system <www.swiftwindturbine.com>.
Looks very good.  Quiet.  Simple:  (1) Trailing vanes keep it pointed into the wind.  (2)  If winds blow large enough to damage it,
one of the trailing vanes moves on a spring, putting the device sideways to the wind, minimizing forces on it.  No electronics up
top.  Some in your basement where it interfaces to your home system.  The big ring/blade piece (it is all one piece) is easily
carried by one person--I saw them filming an ad for the State of Michigan department of creating new jobs or something, when I was
bicycling to work a couple weeks ago.

Do not think it sized to get you completely off the grid.  But it can get you closer.  I think they said it will supply 1/4 of a
normal Michigan home.  Maybe more with a home that is otherwise very efficient, and with some backup source.  Grid?  PV?

Click "Will Swift Work for Me".  They rent an anemometer to see if suitable for your site.  I am right next to a 50' hill with 70'
trees, so I am investigating photovoltaic.

Hope the local solution (150 miles) works out for your friend!

--Eric Piehl, SC WMG
"...Work to Live, Live to Ride, Ride to Work!"   (Two days a week, two thirds of the year.)
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E- mich, 

Have a friend who is interested in breaking free from the grips of  Consumers Power and would like to purchase a windmill for his
property in the country. Looking for direction from the experts on this list.


Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council 

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