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E-M:/ West VA Mountain Top Removal Speaker comes to SE MI

Title: West VA Mountain Top Removal Speaker comes to SE MI
 West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Speaker Visits Michigan

Thursday, October 2nd  at 7PM

David Adamany Undergraduate  Library 

At Wayne State University

Community Room on the  3rd  Floor

5155 Gullen Mall, Detroit, MI  48202 


 *Bring a picture ID with you to be admitted to the library after 6PM 

Parking information can be found at http://parking.wayne.edu/visitorguest.php  

Refreshments provided. 

Ever think about how turning on your light switch relates to communities living in Appalachia? In truth, we are all connected to a devastating mining practice known as mountaintop removal coal mining happening in Appalachia. Please join us for a local stop by Judy Bonds, a guest direct from the coalfields. We’ll talk about how this mining practice is laying waste to mountains and waterways, how building new coal plants in Michigan is making the problem worse, and how we can come together and put an end to the practice.

Judy Bonds is the 2003 Goldman Environmental Award winner for her efforts to counter mountain top removal mining. Bonds’ family was forced out of her home and community in 2001 by mountain top removal. Judy Bonds is a coal miner’s daughter but since mountain top removal came to her community she has been fighting back against king coal. Bonds has been featured in numerous documentaries about mountain top removal and the coal industry’s impact on Appalachia. Come hear Judy Bonds speak about what’s happening in West Virginia , how Appalachian citizens are fighting back and learn about how Michigan contributes to this destruction.

Mountain top removal is a surface mining process that involves blasting off the tops of mountains in Appalachia to remove the coal, pushing all the spoil into the nearby valleys burying streams and leaving a flat moonscape.   Visit www.ilovemountains.org to find out your connection to mountain top removal.

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