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E-M:/ From Judge Hathaway

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

This from Judge Hathaway, who is running against 
Cliff Taylor for a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Taylor is the judicial wreckor of the Michigan Environmental 
Protection Act....taken out by Taylor after nearly 40 years in 
effect on a specious federal jurisdictional argument.

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Vote All the Way - Vote Hathaway!

Dear Alex,
Now is the Time
Absentee Ballots will soon be arriving in mailboxes. It is very important to let your neighbors know that voting Straight Party Ticket is not enough to create the change Michigan needs on our Supreme Court. You need to FLIP THE BALLOT ? GO TO THE NONPARTISAN SECTION and vote DIANE MARIE HATHAWAY for Supreme Court. Hathaway is the Democratic nominee, but you still must vote for her in addition to voting straight-ticket.
Absentee ballots are now available. You can vote absentee if you are: 
    * Age 60 years old or older 
    * Unable to vote without assistance at the polls 
    *  Expecting to be out of town on Election Day 
    * Unable to attend the polls due to religious reasons 
    *  Appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of your precinct of residence 

Request your <http://www.michigan.gov/documents/AbsentVoterBallot_105377_7.pdf>AV ballot here.
Why We Need a Change in the Supreme Court for Our Environment
Examples of Cliff Taylor decisions that have harmed Michigan?s environment: 
The Michigan Environmental Protection Act (1973) gave citizens rights and power to protect the environment and to stop pollution and destruction to the environment. Cliff Taylor restricted the right to sue to those who can show they or their property has been harmed. <http://www.stignacenews.com/news/2007/0802/Columns/024.html>More Information
Taylor also voted in favor of corporate polluters and made it harder for people to hold accountable big corporations that cause sickness and death, and that are harming the environment by dumping cancer-causing waste (dioxin) into the state. <http://www.detnews.com/2005/metro/0507/21/B07-254188.htm>More information
A Statement From Diane Hathaway on the Environment
Our Great Lakes, rivers and streams define Michigan. They are part of our culture and make us who we are as a people. That's why we need a Supreme Court that will be fair and impartial ? not one that will side with big corporations eager to sell our water for profit. We need a Supreme Court that will follow the law, not throw out our state's 30-year environmental protection act to benefit big corporations at our expense.  Michigan citizens deserve a Supreme Court Justice who upholds our laws and protects our Great Lakes from corporate polluters and those who would profit from the sale of our water.
How YOU Can Help
According the <http://www.milawyersweekly.com/opinions/SupremeCourtAGG.pdf>MRG MICHIGAN POLL, more Michigan voters favor Diane Hathaway than Cliff Taylor. We need your help in convincing the undecided voters in Michigan. 
    * <http://www.judgehathawayforsupremecourt.com/get_involved.html>Make a donation, every dollar counts toward getting Diane's message out! 
    * <http://www.judgehathawayforsupremecourt.com/get_involved.html>Request a speaker for events by going to our website 
    * <http://www.judgehathawayforsupremecourt.com/get_involved.html>Request a Lawn Sign or <http://www.judgehathawayforsupremecourt.com/get_involved.html>Volunteer for the Campaign 
 Vote All the Way - Vote Hathaway!
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