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E-M:/ Rogers City: Switching from Coal to Coke?

Title: Rogers City: Switching from Coal to Coke?
Dear E-Misher--

We’ve posted an in-depth news article about Wolverine Power’s attempt to switch its proposed Rogers City coal plant to a petroleum coke plant. Pet coke comes from oil refinery waste, is cheaper than coal and, of course, is notably nastier. Quite a switch for a project called the “Wolverine Clean Energy Venture”—and quite a move for the MDEQ, which approved pet coke in their draft air emissions permit.

However, the county planning commission has to approve it, too, but only after a public hearing. Wolverine is resisting that; they’ve got the MDEQ hearing on October 29 and 30 at Rogers City High School to deal with.

So check out Glenn Puit’s report, which includes a slide show about pet coke’s problems, and maybe plan to visit that very lovely town for the hearing. Every voice is needed!

Our pet coke story is at http://www.mlui.org. Check out our earlier news articles on our coal page, and click on the CO2 petition if it still needs your signature.

Thanks for your interest and good work, friend!

Jim Dulzo
Managing Editor
Michigan Land Use Institute
231-941-6584 x 18.