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Re: E-M:/ Survey Says Most Americans Think Climate Change Is Real

Enviro-Mich message from ldnum@umich.edu

I think it is important to discuss this report a little.

These data reflect denial of solutions needed to combat global warming and even of the validity of global warming. Basically, this is due to unwillingness to change plus some combination of the disinformation campaigns by big carbon consumption interests and very poor (some would say alarming) lack of science education. Politicians, mainly Republicans, seem seem to have a big role in promoting this denial process.

The deficiencies in science literacy are at the heart of these and many other environmental problems. For example, only 40% of Americans accept Darwinism (vs 70% of the British, Science, 11 August 2006, p 765) even though our evolutionary history is very clearly written in our DNA. 20% of Americans think the Earth is flat. It is difficult to imagine that these citizens have enough science background to function effectively in a technological society or make forward-thinking political decisions, especially where some investment or inconvenience is required. Of course, these are extremes, but 40% brings you pretty close to the middle, so I suspect that the average citizen is not very well informed.

Who is most able/willing to work on the fixes? The League of Conservation voters certainly has some good answers unobstructed by spin and distractions at: <http://www.lcv.org/campaigns/endorsements/>

--On Tuesday, October 07, 2008 10:54 AM -0400 Melissa Soule <msoule@TNC.ORG> wrote:

News >From The Nature Conservancy

Survey: Politics, Perceived Costs, Lack of Benefits Diminish Public
Support for Global Warming Solutions

Washington, D.C., Oct. 7, 2008 --Politics, economics and perceived lack
of personal benefits were identified in a new survey as the main reasons
most Americans do not place a priority on solving global warming, despite
their belief that it is real.

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