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E-M:/ New Issue of FOOTPRINTS available

Visit our website at www.ecofoot.msu.edu to catch our October 20, 2008 issue. Contents include:


·         Short profiles on upcoming UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development speakers

·         Call for student project proposals

·         MSU scientist wins Climate Paper award

·         MSU Housing and Food Services is cover story for College Services magazine

·         MSU wins grant for water protection

·         Video of the Week features Wofford College president and “A Passionate Life”

·         Pay as you drive – a new insurance concept

·         David Orr’s “Psychology of Survival”

·         Green neighborhoods

·         Bottled Water study

·         Poetry and sustainability


 All Good Things,


Terry Link, Director

Campus Sustainability

112 Olds Hall

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824






One planet, one family, one future