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E-M:/ Great Lake Green Chemistry: Mapping the Terrain

The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network (GLGCN) has prepared a short survey to identify awareness and activity related to green chemistry among industry & business, academia, government, and non-governmental organizations. Your input can help us map the terrain of green chemistry, and build a network to promote the adoption of green chemistry principles across the region.


The survey is very short, and will take only 15 minutes to complete.  It is completely anonymous, and we will send you a summary of the results when the survey is completed.


To take the survey, please follow this link:



We want to distribute this survey as widely as possible. You can help us by taking the survey and distributing the link to your organizational listservs, email distribution lists, and by posting it on your organization's website.


Remember, respondents do not have to live or work in the Great Lakes region in order to fill out the survey!  Although our focus is on the Great Lakes, all data we are able to collect will help us better under the work that is necessary to promote green chemistry in the region and beyond.


The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network operates under the aegis of Great Lakes United, and is funded by U.S. EPA. The survey is carried with the in-kind support of the University of Oregon. The Network has been an active provider of information about green chemistry since 2006. 

Thank you for your time and support. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Lin Kaatz Chary, PhD, MPH
Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network



Rachel Heckl, Coordinator

Great Lakes United






Brent Gibson

Director, Communications

(613) 867-9861

bgibson@glu.org | www.glu.org


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