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E-M:/ Coal is Not the Answer website

Great website debunks the “clean coal” myth -- and how much it is worth to the coal industry to fool us



The truth about coal. The coal industry has spent over $40 million on misleading advertising that touts coal as the next great thing to solve the energy crisis. It’s time for a reality check. We will not stand by idly as they spew their propaganda. Check out the video above and the coal topics to the left to learn more about the deception of the coal industry and how it stands in the way of real solutions such as wind and solar. Better yet, join the conversations in the comment threads and help us drop a dose of reality on the coal industry. Let us know about the coal misinformation you see in your local community. Whether it be a bogus TV ad, billboard or news article, let everyone know what it said and why you’re just not buying it.


Anne Woiwode, State Director

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

(517) 484-2372