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E-M:/ a little history on Michigan's energy code for residential construction

Congratulations to MEC and MEEA on this important victory. At long last Michigan joins the ranks of states with a residential building code that will save owners on utility bills and reduce air and water pollution.

Those in Michigan's Eighth Congressional District may want to know that the reason it took 12 years for Michigan to get back to where it was in 1996 is that then-State Senator, now U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers sponsored a law then to repeal Michigan's adoption of the 1993 model energy code. His bill, S.B. 719, is the one referred to at the link below. How much energy is being wasted every day in Michigan by homes that were built to the weaker standard?


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Michigan residents win long-fought energy savings battle
New, modern residential building code now if effect

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Michigan Environmental Council and Michigan Community Action Agency Association intervene on behalf of the public interest to win court fight against Michigan Home Builders


October 24, 2008, Lansing – A long-awaited state energy code, requiring homebuilders to use modern energy efficiency measures in new home construction, will now be in effect as the Ingham County Circuit Court, on October 22nd, ruled in favor of the State of Michigan and dismissed a lawsuit by the Michigan Home Builders Association (MAHB).


The new, energy-efficient code, adopted in 2004, had been in limbo due to legal maneuvering by the MAHB, which used the state’s legal system to circumvent the comprehensive administrative process that led to the adoption of a new, more energy efficient code.  As a result, Michigan residents lost years of potential energy savings, totaling tens-of-millions of dollars and contributing to increased releases of tons of environmental pollutants. 


The new energy code will provide Michigan consumers better protection against rising energy costs through the inclusion of up-to-date efficiencies in new home construction.  The long-awaited rules will help cut the $24 billion annually that Michigan residents and businesses send out of state and to other countries to import expensive fossil fuels.