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I’ve just found what appears to be a terrific resource for locally produced food, organic, grass-fed, whatever you like – check out http://www.eatwellguide.org.  I was going to write to this list, and look for some of the not-so-obvious sources of local organic foods, then I found the Eat Well Guide website.  It works by performing a search with either your zip code or city name. 


Please check out this resource, and send them updates if needed.  Hopefully you find some places you didn’t know about, too!   It’s pretty up-to-date – they even have a listing for Mama Bear’s, which just opened here in Old Town a year or 18 months ago.  (But they didn’t have Magdalena’s Tea House yet, so I sent that one in.)


If you know of other websites similar to this one, please share. 




~Rita Jack



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