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This afternoon's rambling stream of conscious rant goes central michigan local, 
starting with the local food theme and then onto local planning 
and development around East lansing...........

Perhaps Michigan "local food" should be....a consistent theme....

.....a expression of political symbolism....

.....a method for managing urban/suburban land use and commercial development....

.....helping corral the market to return to fewer middlemen between 
     food producers and consumers....

.....Michigan citizens supporting Michigan-specific agriculture with 
      specialties like asparagus, apples, cherries, beans, wine....

.... figuring out a way to get back to local neighborhood availability 
     of food and farmer's markets

In my town of East Lansing, which seems to have an unspoken 
"manifest destiny" to grow up against I-69 on the northern boundary, 
we have signs at the city limits saying "We recycle"....

While East Lansing's curbside recycling is outstanding, 
[and getting back to local food theme]  candid assessment 
of the truth might also mitigate for signs at the city's border's saying:

"We drive 4-6 total miles to buy food"

"We don't want to have a grocery store and
a hardware store in a town full of restaurants
and eating places."

"Availability of practical local commercial institutions for providing the 
daily needs of our residents are not paramount concerns of 
east lansing development officials."

"If you want to buy building and construction 
materials, don't ever look in East Lansing
for something as practical as a Menards store."

"If you seek an auto parts store, you must
leave East Lansing."

"We think important city services like the auto 
impound lot, public works and recycling station should be 
placed at the newly revised extreme Northwestern 
corner of the city, because everyone should have to
drive ten miles round trip to get there and back.  We
even voted to consciously do this."

East Lansing residents can never hope to have 
anything as way-cool food-wise as a Horrocks
in our town. 

[Horrocks is a venerable local 
institution on the extreme West side of the 
Lansing area that is an important local player 
on local and Michigan food, garden and nursery 
items........a real gem of place.   ......a family operation like Jay's Sporting 
goods near Clare;   

Horrocks is also notable because of the diversity of 
the people who work there, IMHO.    You go to 
Horrocks and there is someone of every age, race
and ethnic identity imaginable working there.....they 
are really exemplars that way....along with the local 
food angle]

But back to local central Michigan ranting.......

....look at the interesting construction activity
at the SW corner of Burcham and Park Lake Road.

They are removing waste from the east end of a very old landfill at
that site that was previously graded and seeded for 
public park space.   The waste removal excavation is from an area around
the local municipal water supply well on the eastern edge of the landfill.
[one really has to wonder who sited that well when it was 
installed and what they were thinking].

What is it with the MDOT posting some of the freeways
in the Lansing area with a 55 MPH minimum speed limit?   Wasn't
the former practice of MDOT throughout Michigan 
to post state highways at a 45 MPH minimum?  What 
can possibly be the reason why I-496 through lansing needs to 
have a 55 MPH minimum?

Finally, Michigan State University has a traffic circle on 
Bogue Street just south of the Red Cedar river that has 
a great deal of vehicle, bike and pedestrian traffic.  This 
traffic circle has very poor illumination of the pedestrian
walkways in several places of the traffic circle creating 
a safety problem at night.   Vehicles travel through the circle at too 
fast a pace and the sudden encounter of vehicles and 
pedestrians in places can be very hazardous.   Who ever 
planned the lighting of this area wasn't too concerned 
with pedestrian safety in this location.

.....back to work now....

At 03:48 PM 10/24/2008, you wrote:
>I?ve just found what appears to be a terrific resource for locally produced food, organic, grass-fed, whatever you like ? check out <http://www.eatwellguide.org/>http://www.eatwellguide.org.  I was going to write to this list, and look for some of the not-so-obvious sources of local organic foods, then I found the Eat Well Guide website.  It works by performing a search with either your zip code or city name.  
>Please check out this resource, and send them updates if needed.  Hopefully you find some places you didn?t know about, too!   It?s pretty up-to-date ? they even have a listing for Mama Bear?s, which just opened here in Old Town a year or 18 months ago.  (But they didn?t have Magdalena?s Tea House yet, so I sent that one in.)
>If you know of other websites similar to this one, please share.  
>~Rita Jack
>Rita Jack
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>Water Sentinels Project
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>Know your watershed!
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