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E-M:/ The "Plan C" Conference is Next Weekend!

Just a quick reminder, next Friday, the 5th Annual Conference on Peak Oil & Community Solutions will begin at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.  I've attended the previous three years (in Yellow Springs), and highly recommend this conference, which is focused on solutions for individuals and communities.

Presenting this year are Richard Heinberg (via webcast), Pat Murphy, John Michael Greer, Dmitry Orlov, Peter Bane, Megan Quinn Bachmane, Chris Bedford, and Katrin Klingenberg.  Pat Murphy and Richard Heinberg both presented at the Grand Rapids Local Future conference back in May and received outstanding ratings for their spot-on presentations.

I'll be in Rochester facilitating a "Connections Cafe" called "Reaching Out - Organizing Successful Events in Your Community".

This is an excellent opportunity to make connections and to learn new ways to prepare for the future, especially for those that live in and near Michigan.


Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you in Rochester next weekend!


P.S.  Just to clarify, Local Future is also sponsoring a conference this fall, but it will be in mid-November up in North-West Michigan.  The title:  "The Conference on Michigan's Future:  Energy, Economy and Environment".  This Local Future conference focuses specifically on the issues facing Michigan due to the mortgage, climate, and energy crises.  The lineup of forty speakers includes a huge range from permaculturaists like Albert Bates to utility company presidents such as Tony Earley of DTE.  One might call it this a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C conference...  You are definitely invited to this unique event.  If you could, please visit the web site.  We've uploaded new "Preview Videos" which were filmed at the ASPO USA Peak Oil Conference, plus added four brand new presenters!


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