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E-M:/ fish consumption

Dear Fellow E-Michers:


I came across this website on a Republican blog this morning and was hoping if someone more knowledgeable could critique it.

Eg, the facts, the source, and why was it in a political blog? 

I am hoping for serious discussion, not political blaming.




I want people to be able to fish and eat the fish from our Michigan waterways.

I have read the Michigan advisories but do wonder at times how the benefits and risks really stack up.


Michigan needs to find ways for our people to make more connection with our waters, not less.

Is there any hope that our fish can become safer to eat in the future?

If many or most of our pollutants are from airborne contaminants, can we ever reclaim our fish as food sources?

Do we have serious plans to pursue ways of reducing pollutants from airborne sources so as to protect our waters?

Obviously, we can work on doing a better job of managing our water resources at the ground level, but will airborne contaminants negate our work?



Pat Crowley, Kalamazoo