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E-M:/ Arsenic in the Saginaw Bay


"We are supposed to be excited about an expanded coal-fired complex and we discover that the company has been historically negligent about its wastes," Lone Tree Chairman Terry Miller said in a news release to be issued today. "

Ash landfills at Consumers Energy plant are leaking toxics into Saginaw Bay

Posted by Jeff Kart | The Bay City Times October 30, 2008 06:54AM

Two massive ash landfills that hold the concentrated residue of coal burned at a power plant in Bay County have been leaking toxics to the Saginaw Bay for years.

The Lone Tree Council, a Bay City area environmental group, uncovered the issue while combing through state records on plans for a new 800-megawatt power plant at the Consumers Energy Karn-Weadock facility in Hampton Township