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E-M:/ Environmental voters have spoken!


For Immediate Release:  November 5, 2008            Contact:  Cyndi Roper, 517.490.1394 or Christy McGillivray, 248. 514.9789

Environmental Voters Have Spoken, Now It’s Time to Act

Election Results Prove One-Half Million Clean Water Action Voter Contacts Made a Difference!!

Lansing, MI -- Clean Water Action today praised Michigan voters for electing pro-environment candidates across the state and called on elected officials to translate the attention paid to energy and environmental issues during the campaigns into real action in the coming year.

The story of this election will be that in record numbers voters mobilized across the state and took an active role in determining the outcome of the 2008 elections. From local seats, all the way to the most highly contested races in the nation, Michigan voters showed their overwhelming support for pro-environment candidates for change,” said Cyndi Roper, Michigan Director   “Now it’s up to the new president, Congress, state lawmakers and the governor to make the right choices for clean water, clean air and a new clean, renewable energy economy.” 

For Clean Water Action, the results of the 2008 elections shows how an effective and detailed grassroots voter contact plan can bring about change and victory at the ballot box.  

Between Memorial Day and Election Day, Clean Water Action had endorsed candidates in 38 races across the state, and 32 of those candidates won their races.

With its highly targeted professional door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phonebanks and door knocking and other personal voter contact efforts, Clean Water Action placed significant resources into a number of close key races which led to victory yesterday:

  • Michigan Supreme Court – Diane Hathaway
  • Congressional District 7 – Mark Schauer
  • Congressional District 9 – Gary Peters
  • House District 21 – Dian Slavens
  • House District 24 –Sarah Roberts (former Clean Water Action Community Organizer)
  • House District 32 – Jennifer Haase
  • House District 39 – Lisa Brown
  • House District 62 – Kate Segal
  • House District 91 – Mary Valentine
  • House District 101 – Dan Scripps

Clean Water Action estimates its community organizers achieved the following:

  • 80,801 voter contacts made at the door
  • 89,921 voter contacts by phone
  • 163,068 candidate preference IDs
  • 326,850 mailings to Michigan voters

“We congratulate everyone who won their election Tuesday.  We look forward to working with each of them on preserving and protecting our environment,” said Christy McGillivray, “We know our record-breaking personal contacts made the difference in many of these races. Many voters turned out to vote because someone – a friend, a neighbor, a family member – asked them to do so.  The focus of our efforts was to make that vital and important personal contact and show people their votes would make the difference.   That’s what we saw happen – and the results of our hard work over many months has paid off. ”