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E-M:/Clarification: 3 communities in Illinois votes for renewables over nuclear power 2-1

Hi folks,

Just to clarify: there were 3 Illinois communities, Oak Park, Berwyn and Riverside, that voted on this referendum, all of which rely currently on Commonwealth Edison for their electricity. Commonwealth Edison is a subsidiary of the nation's largest nuclear utility, Exelon Corporation, and 75% of the electricity for these 3 communities comes from nuclear power at present. - A big message to president-elect Barack Obama from constituents in his home state. -Kay Cumbow


As much as has been made by the nuclear industry of its self-proclaimed "nuclear renaissance," and while many national polls purport that the public is allegedly "warming" towards nuclear power, a piece of election data out of Oak Park, Illinois demolishes these notions like a sledge hammer between the eyes.

Green Candidate for the State Legislature Rita Sand Maniotis and others worked to have the following referendum appear on the local ballot in the three communities in Berwyn Township (Oak Park, Berwyn and Riverside): 

"Shall our elected officials in Illinois take steps to phase out nuclear power in the state, replacing it with renewable sources such as wind and solar?"

With 112 of 119 (94%) of precincts reporting, the preliminary election results are as stunning as they are unambiguous:  31,586 (68.3%) YES;  14,676 (31.7%) NO.  (Results from Cook County Election Dept.; http://results.voterinfonet.com/110408/SummaryElection110408RaceNum2.html    )

The results are significant, coming as they do from 1.) the most nuclear-reliant state in the USA, with 11 operating reactors;  and 2.) communities which themselves are currently 75% reliant on nuclear energy purchased by local utility Commonwealth Edison, a subsidiary of the nation's largest nuclear utility, Exelon Corporation.