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Re: E-M:/ Hathaway vs. Taylor

I don't care which side of this you stand on (Taylor did get 1.5 million votes), but booting a sitting justice of the Michigan Supreme Court is an incredibly impressive feat.  Someone told me it hasn't been done since 1984.  When you factor in the fact that Diane Hathaway had no statewide name recognition before three months ago, and that Clifford Taylor could afford to spend like a drunken sailor ... wow.

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Cyndi Roper <croper@cleanwater.org> wrote:
Dear E-Mers,

While we are ecstatic about the incredible victories of newly elected pro-environment lawmakers, we wanted to give you the details of the work Clean Water Action did on behalf of Michigan Supreme Court Justice-Elect Diane Hathaway. Most of you know the importance of replacing Clifford Taylor on the bench so I'll spare that part of the story.

By the time the polls closed yesterday, Clean Water Action completed the following:

  • We made 53,172 Hathaway persuasion phone calls to CWA members
  • We sent 50,866 direct mail persuasion pieces to CWA members either as stand alone Hathaway pieces or as combined persuasion messages with our target house candidates
  • We spoke with 20,750 Clean Water Action members at the door persuading them to vote the non-partisan section of the ballot and to vote for Hathaway
  • We made 21,059 GOTV predictive dialer phonebank calls to our members with a Hathaway message (and one of our other endorsed candidates depending on the geography)
The final vote count was Hathaway 1,849,290 (unofficial) to Taylor 1,475,311.

Needless to say, we believe the people and the natural resources of Michigan have a brighter future with Diane Hathaway serving on the Michigan Supreme Court!


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