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E-M:/ Michigan CWA in the NEWS - Changing the face of Michigan's Supreme Court

Environmental Voters take back the Michigan Supreme Court

Michigan Clean Water Action was a national leader in personal contacts made to members to help elect pro-environment candidates to office.

A race of particular importance, was for Michigan Supreme Court Justice.  Michigan's  high court has been ranked the  "Worst in the Nation" by several groups, including a study conducted by the University Of Chicago Law School.

Clean Water Action had been grossly disappointed with the Court's 2007 ruling which severely limited the Michigan Environmental Protection Act. Since 1970 this act had given individuals the ability to defend our resources and environmental laws when state agencies neglected to do so.

The upset of incumbent Cliff Taylor and the placement of CWA endorsed candidate Diane Marie Hathaway is a remarkable and critical victory for Clean Water Action, as well as anyone concerned with preserving Michigan's unique treasures in the face of increasing corporate threats, international interests and growing water scarcity.

"Environmentalists...  were effective in the Supreme Court race... Clean Water Action, for example, made 53,172 phone calls and 50,866 mailings, and knocked on 20,750 doors on behalf of Hathaway."

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Special thanks to all the dedicated volunteers and staff who worked long hours making important personal contacts with our members across the state.
One by one, these concerned citizens helped us take back our high court and restore the rule of justice.

Clean Water Action endorsed 38 pro-environment leaders in Michigan and celebrates 32 legislative victories.
There is much work ahead of us, and we look forward to uniting the concerns of the public with the future achievements of our elected leaders.

For more details on key races in your area, contact us at East Lansing Clean Water Action.


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