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E-M:/ Wisconsin REJECTS Coal Plant, Group Calls on Gov. Granholm to Act


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Wisconsin REJECTS Coal Plant, Group Calls on
Gov. Granholm to Act

State Must Lead in Clean Energy, Not More Dirty Coal


 Clean Energy Now today applauded the State of Wisconsin for rejecting a backward plan to construct a $1.26 billion-dollar dirty coal plant on the Mississippi River.  The Wisconsin decision adds to the over 60 coal plants turned down across the nation. Clean Energy Now is calling on Gov. Jennifer Granholm to issue an executive order preventing future construction of coal plants in Michigan until the state develops protections against dangerous carbon dioxide pollution and prioritizes clean energy over more coal.
"We urge Governor Granholm to learn from Wisconsin and stop the Michigan coal rush," said Janea Little of MidlandCARES, which is a member of Clean Energy Now, a coalition of leading environmental and watchdog groups that has been leading a fight against state wide coal plant proposals. "By issuing an executive order, she can protect our state from more harmful carbon dioxide pollution while there is still time. Instead of pushing more outdated coal burning, the governor can steer our state in a new direction of clean, renewable energy and good jobs of the future. The time to act is now."


The Wisconsin Public Service Commission made a historic, unanimous vote to reject the construction of Alliant Energy's controversial $1.26 billion coal plant plan in Casville, Wisc. The Wisconsin officials cited the expense of this plant compared with lower cost alternative energy sources and the failure to control emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as two key issues in the decision.  This vote will help Wisconsin move toward renewable energy sources and a stronger economy.


A recent report by the National Council of State Legislators said that Michigan residents could expect to lose billions of dollars due to falling water levels in the Great Lakes and an increase in climate temperatures. Each year in the U.S., pollution from coal-fired power plants cause 24,000 premature deaths, 38,000 nonfatal heart attacks, and 603,000 asthma attacks. Furthermore, carbon dioxide pollution from coal plants is one of the biggest contributors to global warming in the United States, producing almost 40 percent of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

 "Wisconsin made the right decision in rejecting the dirty, expensive coal plant, and this decision serves as an example for the direction Michigan must go in," said Anne Woiwode, Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club. "Michigan citizens must be protected and our state cannot fall behind. Michigan must lead in the 21st century push for clean energy, which will help our economy and provide good jobs for our citizens."


Economic studies have indicated that investing in energy efficiency and alternative energy production would create AT LEAST twice the amount of Michigan jobs as building all of the eight coal plants currently proposed. According to studies by the Renewable Energy Policy Project and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, say that Michigan could create 46,000 new jobs by investing in renewable energy and efficiency.

Michigan is threatened with eight coal plants, more than any other state according to a review by the Sierra Club.  

For more information, go to www.michigancleanenergynow.com


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