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E-M:/ Vreba-Hoff CAFO fined $233,500

Vreba-Hoff facilities in Hudson fined $233,500 for multiple violations.  
Waste treatment system still not certified.

November 6 - Vreba-Hoff is fined $223,500 for multiple violations of the 30th Circuit Court's Interim Order. The Dispute Resolution Facilitator (DRF) established by the Order notes that Vreba-Hoff was required to construct a partial-treatment system for animal wastes, and pay $180,000 in penalties for previous violations when the "Defendant [Vreba-Hoff] presents an engineer's certification that the Earth Mentor System is operating as designed...Defendant has not presented the certification." 

Total fines are now $403,500. The DRF Report cites at least 10 violations of the Order, some continuing for many days, including: overflow of a manure pit, discharging to Medina Drain; 3 other illegal discharges to streams; failure to remove cows as required when waste storage was insufficient; lack of freeboard marking; missed deadlines for construction of the treatment building and sand separation devices; missed deadline for operation of treatment cells at both Vreba-Hoff 1 and 2 facilities in Hudson.

source: Report and Recommendations of Dispute Resolution Facilitator to the 30th Judicial Circuit Court, Ingham County (November 6, 2008)  

(full DRF Report, pdf file available on this site)
Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan
Hudson, MI